About Us

Shake Loose a Memory, Inc. began in 1994 as an idea of Peggy Shelley and Joan Wheeler, while working together in an Adult Day Health Program. Faced with day-to-day care of memory impaired seniors, and constantly challenged to provide inspirational activities, they recognized a need for therapeutic resources where participants could easily find success in adult-oriented activities that were dignifying and fun.

Peggy, with a B.A. in Recreation Administration and Planning from the University of Washington, has been a recreation specialist in nursing homes, retirement facilities, adult day health programs and with developmentally disabled adults and children. Joan, having worked in the field of gerontology for over ten years, specializes in program development for frail and memory-impared seniors and developmentally disabled individuals. Together they applied their 30+ years of hands-on experience as professional activity specialists to the creation of their games.

All the games are simplified to help people with impaired memories regain the ability to participate. Through sharing experiences, much about an individual’s life can be learned. These games are a fun way to gently stimulate memories relating to an individual’s life history, and “Shake Loose a Memory” that might otherwise not be remembered.

Thousands of games have been sold in the US and internationally.

Now, the same formula has expanded into a new line of childrens’ and intergenerational products beginning with an illustrated game for language development: Shake and Share.

The success of Shake Loose a Memory, Inc. remains tied to a core philosophy: “When people play our games, they feel good about themselves!”